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Keg Cop: Simple. Inexpensive. Capable.

Keg Cop was designed from the ground up to be your solution to control your kegerator.

Every Detail Imagined

A complete system; plans, models, documentation, even 3D printed case files are provided.

Kegs may be monitored
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Accurate control of temperatures
Upstreams system integrations supported

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BrewFlasher is the simplest way for a new user to upload firmware to their controller. It supports any projects including Keg Cop.


A few clicks and upload! Nothing to it. A minute later and you are running.


BrewFlasher is Free Open-Source Software, developed by a homebrewer for homebrewers.

Open Source Code

All source code is freely available on GitHub.

People Helping People

Support is provided on one of the world's most popular Homebrew forums.

Full Documentation

Complete documentation for design, build and operations is provided.

Found a Bug?

If you find a bug, we want to know. Report it on GitHub.